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We help individuals that are experiencing low energy, wrestling with stubborn unhealthy habits, and fighting poor  performance, driven by high stress, sleep troubles, poor nutrition, time chaos, and physical inactivity – to ignite an extraordinary transformation!

Only action creates change

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We believe in promoting sustainable transformation and that behavior change is the result of the right system. As Seneca once said: “To the person that doesn’t know where they want to go, there is no favourable wind”

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About me

Rui da Silva is an expert coach in stress management, fatigue, sleep & recovery with a proven track record of transforming and enriching people’s lives globally. Known as Kootshi, he is the founder and head coach of Balanced Rebel, a health coaching company. With over two decades of excelling as a regional director for satellite companies worldwide, Rui possesses an in-depth understanding of the immense pressures placed on professional executives. He’s acutely aware of the toll that constant travel, multi-million-dollar targets, and other stressors can exact on individuals striving to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine how your life could change if you became the person you’ve always wanted to be…

To learn more on how to age strong and how to transform your ordinary habits into an extraordinary life.

Balanced Rebel was established as a holistic health coaching company to be a guiding light for busy professionals facing life's myriad challenges, providing them with the tools to improve their energy levels and to reclaim their lives on their own terms.


Real Transformations, Real Results
We’ve already helped many individuals around the world to regain control of their lives and improve their well-being. Here’s what some of them had to say

"Balanced Rebel is a vital addition to Beach Monkeyz in El Gouna, transforming lives with its tailored approach. Owner Rui's leadership and expertise make it a valued mental health partner."
Nirvana Zaher
CEO of Beach Monkeyz
"Collaborating with Rui brought calm and clarity to my mind. His impactful support and guidance surpassed expectations, making this journey indispensable to my well-being."
Sylvia Shoonderbeek
"Completing my journey with Kootshi exceeded expectations. Beyond losing 14kgs, his coaching revitalized my confidence and helped me navigate life's challenges. Highly recommend this transformative journey."
Isabelle Parthiot
Head of Operations at
LVMH Fashion Group Middle East
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