Corporate Health Coach

Corporate Warriors 7 Steps for Sustainable Success

At Balanced Rebel, we are excited to present our corporate health coaching program, Corporate Warriors.

“Corporate Warriors: 7 Steps for Sustainable Success” is a revolution. It’s a blueprint for redefining your team’s everyday habits and unlocking their true potential. This transformative program equips individuals with the tools to combat life’s challenges, skyrocket their productivity, and conquer the ever-changing world we face. By strategically redesigning everyday routines, “Corporate Warriors” paves the way for sustainable performance, peak well-being, and extraordinary success. It’s not just a program, it’s a power-up for your team’s potential.

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Crack the code on workplace wellness

Benefits of the program

Increased energy levels among employees

Understanding the correlation between being energized and productive

Decreased sick leaves

We provide the tools employees need in order to take better care of themselves and their health, minimizing the impact of illness and absenteeism

Mindset adaptability

Inspiring a sense of personal awareness in employees leading to a happier and healthier workforce

Improved productivity in times of stress

A deep understanding of how stress impacts the body and mind and the tools to grow stronger in their capacity and value as challenges grow

Priority Management

Empowering a robust team by emphasizing the value of prioritization and delegation. Acknowledging the finite nature of time, managing priorities allows individuals to discern what genuinely matters

Empowering work-life balance

Helping employees reach a balanced lifestyle resulting in a stronger and more satisfied workforce

Corporate Warriors:

The 7 Steps For Sustainable Success


Mind Protocols: Breaking free from your comfort zone

Pain Points

Resistance to change
Self-doubt or fear
Limited belief systems
Lack of clarity and direction

What you will learn

Defend: Change is complex but its possible
Attack: Limiting beliefs
Reflect: How the brain works


Sleep Protocols: Rest & Recharge

Pain Points

Sleep deprivation
Lack of sleep routine
Wandering thoughts
Late night screen time
Stress Anxiety

What you will learn

Defend: Your last hour
Attack: Distractions
Reflect: Strategies to build sleep routine


Nutrition Protocols: Fueling optimal performance

Pain Points

Not sure what to eat and when
Poor food choices
Emotional eating
Eating on the run
Food choices based on takeaway availablity
Cooking or the lack of it and the various reasons we give

What you will learn

Defend: Function of food as energy
Attack: Emotional eating and stress
Reflect: The 80:20 rule for optimal nutrition


Priorities Protocols: The secret weapon is managing priorities

Pain Points

Lack of priorities
Lack of organization
Time management
Failing to manage distractions
Ineffectively scheduling tasks
Trouble delegating
Being busy vs being effective
Being a perfectionist – effects on productivity

What you will learn

Defend: Priority Management
Attack: Time as infinite
Reflect: What’s important and Non-negotiable


Stress Management Protocols: Transforming stress into a powerful conquering force

Pain Points

Chronic stress
Consequences of stress – digestive, eating and sleeping disorders
Denial or unawareness of how stressed actually affects everyday life
Thriving through stress
Financial constraints
Unstable relationships

What you will learn

Defend: Your perception about stress
Attack: Burnout
Reflect: Strategies to manage stress


Movement Protocols: Becoming the fighting warrior

Pain Points

Physical inactivity
Lack of time
Lack of energy
Feeling old / out of shape
Lack of interest

What you will learn

Defend: The body-mind connection
Attack: Physical inactivity
Reflect: Using the body to calm the mind


Recovery Protocols: It’s not luxury, it’s a necessity

Pain Points

General unease
Poor performance
Lack of fun and enjoyment
Lack of true friendships / support
Lack of hobbies

What you will learn

Defend: Joy
Attack: Quantity over quality
Reflect: Recovery strategies


Our ‘Corporate Warriors: 7 steps for sustainable Success’ is more than just a program; it’s a transformational manual designed to equip teams with the tools necessary to battle the life struggles, supercharge their productivity, and conquer the challenges of our dynamic world. This educational course is a blueprint for success, aiming to elevate teams by redefining everyday habits. By strategizing and refining ordinary habits, we pave the way for an extraordinary, successful life.