Why you should consider upgrading your habits

You have reached this far in life and now what?

You feel aging is a reality, your metabolism is not the same, sleep is becoming an issue, your energy levels are lower than ever and you start thinking “ah, this is the aging process taking place”

Well…it’s not!

Aging is not the end of life. It’s an opportunity to enjoy life in different ways. An opportunity to bring the wisdom of your youth into a new era of living.

But, if we know that aging is a reality for all of us, why don’t we then help our body to get better?

We keep upgrading cars, mobile phones, computers, etc and we are always looking for the next “new thing” that the future will bring, but what about upgrading our habits?

In the fast-paced world we live in today, where transformation is going on each and every direction, from your career, to your personal life, including your own body, changes are happening and they are happening fast!

With so many changes happening, some of our habits can become out-dated if we don’t upgrade ourselves. This means that what once was useful for us can become a roadblock for us. Therefore, up-gradation is required in our life to exist happily in this rapid growth and development era. 

But what does upgradation of old habits really mean?

Let’s use a very familiar situation to all of us as an example:


Stress is becoming more and more of a concern in our lives. The pressure of getting the results you desire, the merging of private and corporate life, traffic, competing commitments, lack of exposure to direct sunlight, the kids, a constant sense of “lack of time”, the demands for high performance in the workplace, all these are contributing to an increase in our stress levels. Since Stress is cumulative, we need to recover. If we don’t take time and action to recover, things will only get worst resulting in additional sleep issues, less energy, poor food choices, etc…

An upgradation of your habits in situations like this would start with:


  • A / How much stress do you perceive you have now?
  • B / What is the impact that stress is currently having in your life?
  • C / What stress recovery strategies do you currently have in place?
  • D / How many stress reward strategies do you currently have in place?
    1. Are they really useful to lower your stress levels?


  • A / What stress recovery strategies can I put in effect to lower my stress levels?
  • B / What behaviour goals can I set up so I can improve my stress levels?
  • C / What simple action steps can you implement to create behaviour goals that will sustainably lower your stress levels?

In this situation, with the increasing impact that stress has in our daily lives, if we don’t upgrade our old habits into new ones that can sustain and deal with the stressful demands we have, it will be a matter of time until we deplete our internal resources and burn-out.

Now do you understand why you should consider upgrading your habits to be more efficient?

This is just a small example, but we face so many situations that if we put a plan & prioritization strategy in motion to upgrade your habits, not only will your body appreciate it as you will feel more energetic but your performance will increase, resulting in more control of your life proving that age is nothing more than a number.

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash