Food and performance

Food plays a crucial role in influencing our performance, whether it’s in sports, work, or daily activities. Proper nutrition can provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients, energy, and hydration to support physical and mental performance.

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Caffeine Addiction - coffee cups stacked

Caffeine Addiction – A lifestyle problem

We all have this preconceived notion that caffeine gives us energy but the reality is that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, causing increased alertness which gives most people a temporary energy boost and improves moods. Or so you think!

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Improve your health - store windows with the words Feeling Good - Living Better

10 Small Steps To Improve Your Health

Many of us make health-related resolutions, such as to lose weight, stop smoking or join the neighborhood health club. While it is common to set high goals, experts say that setting smaller action steps goals could do more for our health.

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Eat your stress away - Stressed young man with study books and food in front of him

Eat Your Stress Away!

We all know that when we are stressed, we turn to our comfort foods. You know the ones; burger and fries, mac and cheese, a nice tall drink, wine, beer, brownies and cakes

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What Is A Balanced Diet?

A good diet is important for good health. A healthy and varied diet can help maintain a healthy body weight, enhance general wellbeing and reduce the risk of a number of diseases.

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